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>>> good morning. i'm chris jansing. for the first time right now a key obama administration official, who's been in the middle of the botched health care rollout, is facing congress to explain what's going on with the obama care website. this is a live picture and you're looking at medicare chief marilyn tavenner. she had major responsibility for the health care overhaul and was just confirmed in may, though with strong bipartisan support in the senate. she also has a long-time friendship on the republican side with eric cantor. the head of the committee says he expects her to shed some light on systemic failures. did she see the problems coming? did she tell hhs secretary sebelius? i want to bring in our company. e.j. dionne, susan page is usa today's washington bureau chief. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with who she is. i think it's interesting. she was a nurse in the e.r., she worked her way up to ceo of a couple of big hospitals. so she knows something about running complicated organizations. susan, what are you expecting to see this mor
the obama administration for problems that they clearly wanted to happen and wanted to contribute to? >> well, i don't think the website not being able to sign up six people is a problem with republicans not liking obama care. >> well, it is with 36 states not setting up their own exchanges. >> tens of millions of dollars on a website that doesn't work. it has nothing to do with the tea party patriots. it has to do with incompetency at hhs and a president who is totally aloof, doesn't know what's going on and finds out his news at the same time you and i do. that's the problem. reading speeches written by somebody else, making promises to the american people that they buy into and then only to find out that all of those promises aren't true, that's not on the tea party patriots, that's on the president of the united states. >> reince priebus, always good to see you, thank you. >>> halloween night was wet, windy and dangerous for a lot of folks across the country and it turned deadly in nashville after a 9-year-old boy was killed after strong storms brought down power lines. in kansas
that the obama administration is having with this health care rollout. there is a moment in the book where they talk about just before the second debate the president's staff staged kind of what they called an intervention because they were so worried about his debate practice performances. and he told them about his lawyerly mind and that that's why he sometimes had unsatisfying answers. mark halperin actually this morning tied those two things together. let me play that for you. >> almost everything that he's having trouble with now, trouble with congress, trouble with public opinion, trouble with explaining himself, you can see in that scene where he's laying himself bare in a way he normally doesn't do to anybody. >> matt, for a president who has been such an incredible communicator, has communication been his downfall sometimes too? >> i think he's been a bad communicator. i think it's a myth that he has special talent to convince the american people about things, especially when it comes to obama care. >> maybe in that instance. i've seen him do some wonderful things. >> he's also ve
for obama care and the rollout. you're on the committee that will question kathleen sebelius on wednesday. what does she have to say? how do you think the administration starts to turn this around? >> thank you for having me this morning. i think carl hit the nail on the head a moment ago. the affordable care act is the law of the land, it's fully operational. we have experienced some very difficult glitches with the website. it's embarrassing, but we're going to fix it. there are four components to the website. we had hearings last week and the different vendors testified that each one of these components was working properly, but when they were integrated in an end-to-end test they did not produce the results that we need. so the website has been recalled for repair, but it will be back out the door by november 30th and all of our uninsured americans can then sign up and get ready for full coverage. >> well, if that happens, as you've suggested, as we saw bill clinton suggest, let's talk about the second challenge here, and i want to put up a "new york times" headline. quote, health sit
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)